Packing Tips: Pro Business Travel Packing Tips

Going on a trip can be stressful -- and packing for that trip can be stressful, too. Here are some packing tips that will make packing easier and less of a hassle.

Think About Where You're Going and What You're Going to Do While You’re On Your Trip

Check the weather forecast for your destination and make a list of the activities you have planned. Are you going on a business trip or a conference? Will you be indoors most of the time or will you have to walk outside – and if so, how far? Will you be attending a wedding? Indoors or outdoors? Plan for the weather by packing coats and umbrellas if the weather is going to be inclement.

Select A Color Palette For Your Trip

Choose your favorite outfit that you're planning to wear and then pick two other colors that compliment that outfit. These three colors will be your clothes color palette for your trip. Pack these three colors of clothes so that you can intermix your wardrobe during the trip.

Go With What You Know and Love

Stick with clothes you know and love -- clothes that are comfortable and pack well (i.e. doesn't wrinkle.) A trip is not the time to experiment with new clothes or fabrics that you may find uncomfortable while you’re on your trip.


All cardigans, jackets, sweaters and blazers that you pack should match all of your tops and pants. Layering is a great way to get various outfit combinations from just a few pieces of clothes. Try and select tops that are thin so that you can easily layer them. Pack different ties, scarves or jewelry to mix up your wardrobe.

Plan to re-wear some of your clothing items. You probably only need to pack one pair of jeans. (For the few hours at night that you’re going to wear jeans, you can re-wear them.) You should also only pack two pairs of shoes — one pair for working out and a pair for work. So as you’re planning your outfits, consider what shoes to pack.

Don't Over Pack Magazines or Papers

Magazines, books, newspapers and business paperwork take up a lot of space and add to the weight of your luggage (a disadvantage especially if you're flying.) Load all the documents you can on your Kindle, iPad or laptop. If you can access everything you need to read through your devices, it will save you space.

For business documents, ship them directly to your hotel or if you need printed documents for your business trip, upload them to FedEx or some other printing service so you can print them when you arrive at your destination.

Plan Your Restaurant Outings Ahead of Time

Plan your restaurant outings in advance. Upload the addresses of the hotel and the restaurants you’re planning on eating at while on your trip. Having this information at your fingertips will make your trip easier.

Don’t Unpack

If you travel for business on a regular basis, keep your toiletries packed. Have a small bag for toiletries that are all non-liquid items. You should put any liquid items into a Ziploc bag. Put these items in the same compartment where your laptop is so you only have to unzip one compartment at airport security.

Hair Products

If you use hair straighteners or curling irons, consider getting a travel sized version that takes up less space. Remember, most hotels already have a blow dryer that you can use – so that’s one less thing you have to pack.

Also, instead of packing full size bottles of shampoo and conditioner, pack sample-sized toiletries instead. (Chances are you’ll use them all up on your trip so you’ll have less to bring home!) Use the same rule for your favorite perfume or cologne — get sample sizes at the department store.

If you need to carry liquids in your carryon bag, be sure they comply with TSA rules and only bring products that are 3 ounces or less and put them in quart-sized resalable bags. There are no limits to how many you can bring, as long as you are able to zip the bag.