Best Travel Gadgets: 9 Gizmos to Make Traveling Better

Some people love to travel. Others despise the idea of long car rides, sitting in an airport or getting on a plane. Regardless of how you feel about traveling, there are some cool, innovative travel products that can make traveling and the time you spend at your destination much more enjoyable.

Here’s a list of some of the best travel gadgets around.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones

Screaming babies and rowdy kids. Loud talkers. Airplane and car ambient noise. Whether you’re a passenger in a car or plane, you’re never sure what sounds are going to surround you. Getting a great pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones with noise cancellation can save your sanity and make the travel time it takes to get to your destination much more enjoyable.

We like the Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones

Why? Well, first – they’re Bose. Bose sound is synonymous with high-quality. Second, these headphones have been re-engineered with Bluetooth AND Bose’s famous noise cancellation technology. That means you’ll hear less of what’s going on around you and more of what you’re listening to. Music is crisp and clear and noises that are going on around you seem to disappear.

Wear them on long road trips or in flight so you can minimize the noise and distractions around you.

Balanzza 100 lb. Weight Limit Rechargeable USB Luggage Scale

Everyone hates paying extra baggage fees – especially when your suitcase is just a little bit over the luggage weight limit. The cost of extra baggage adds up – often costing you hundreds of dollars. Using a digital luggage scale will let you know how much your suitcase weighs before you get to the airport.

Using this scale is easy: just attach it to your suitcase handle and lift. The easy-to-read display shows you how much your bag weighs. If you're over the weight limit you now have time to readjust what you’re bringing on your trip before you get to the airport -- avoiding extra overweight luggage charges. You’ll also want to pack this handy scale with you on your trip. If you’re like most people you’ll come back with more than you left with (i.e. souvenirs, shopping purchases, business items, etc.) If you have the scale with you, you’ll always know how much your bag weighs. As a bonus, the digital scale has a USB charger, so you don’t have to worry about buying batteries.

Cocoon GRID-IT! CPG10BK Organizer

Most people have more than one digital device (i.e. smartphone, tablet, ereader, laptop, etc.) that they take with them on trips. That means you’re probably packing more and more cables, charging devices and other little things that tend to get lost in your suitcase

The GRID-IT! organization systems are a great way to keep these little items organized in one spot – where it’s easy to find what you need when you need it. The GRID-IT! Systems are made of a unique weave of rubberized elastic bands that are made to hold things in place. You can keep everything from lip balm to charging cables easy to find and snuggly in place. There are a variety of configurations available so you’re sure to find one that stores your stuff just right.

The North Face Surge II Charged Backpack

When you travel you need a roomy bag to haul around all your gear, gadgets, medicine, change of clothing and other stuff. The North Face Surge II Charged backpack does that and much more.

This cool backpack has a lightweight battery pack (called a “Joey”) with a USB port so you can charge your phone, media player, tablet, etc. while you’re on the go. As a bonus the Joey charger can be removed from the backpack and put in other bags so you can charge on-the-go whatever bag you’re carrying.

In addition to the battery pack, the backpack also gives you plenty of room to carry all of your devices – including a 17” laptop pocket. The lie-flat laptop pocket also lets you get through airport security checkpoints faster than ever because your laptop doesn’t have to be completely removed from the pack.

Ultra Slim Wall Plate with USB and Surge Protector

Whew! You’ve made it to your hotel room safe and sound and are ready to set up your room for your business stay. You look around the room only to see a few power outlets that aren’t already in use by lamps and the alarm clock. Nothing is more frustrating! However, if you bring this Slim Wall Plate with USB and Surge Protector with you, you’ll always have enough plugins to charge your computer AND your iPad, ereader, tablet, smart phone and more. It’s almost like having a power strip in your pocket!

Kensington Combosaver Portable Notebook Lock

Now you can help protect your notebook from theft when you’re in the airport or at a coffee shop. Connect the Kensington Combosaver Portable Notebook Lock to secure your device to a table or chair -- so if you need to you can quickly walk over to get a drink of water or check your departure time. (Note: Always keep your eye on your luggage and devices.)

The lock has a cable that instantly coils, making it easy to install and allows you to easily use your notebook while it’s secured. The lock also has a low-profile that fits with the new slimmer notebook designs. According to Kensington it works with 99% of all notebooks on the market.

Wireless Mobile Projector - 100 Lumens

If you’re going on a business trip and need to make an important PowerPoint presentation, don’t assume that where you’re going will have a projector. To be safe, bring your own portable projector instead! Brookstone makes several compact, portable and rechargeable projectors that you can easily take with you wherever you go.

This model wirelessly connects to your devices and includes a 3’ HDMI compatible cable just in case you need a wired connection. The picture display is sharp and clear with 1080p HD – and you can project up to an 80” image. The built-in focus wheel allows you to adjust until your picture is just right. The portable projector has built-in speakers but you can also connect external speakers using the 3.5mm audio-out jack.

Cowarobot Suitcase

If dragging your suitcase around the airport is dragging YOU down, check out the Cowarebot Suitcase. It is the first suitcase that automatically follows you around keeping your hands free to carry other bags, hold your tickets, carry your phone, etc. The suitcase rolls next to you at speeds up to 4.5 miles per hour.

The Cowarobot suitcase comes with a special bracelet that you wear so your suitcase can roll automatically right by your side. The bracelet is also used to lock and unlock the suitcase. As a bonus, it even has USB ports so you can charge other gadgets and devices! It’s just the right size to take as a carry-on for your next trip.


When you’re on vacation, make sure you and your family are protected by sunblock. But it’s often hard to tell if you have enough sunblock on – or if you put the sunblock on evenly all over your face and body. The Sunscreenr is a gadget that lets you see where sunscreen is applied and absorbed – and also shows where you missed and when the sunblock has worn off

The Sunscreenr lets you visually see where your skin is covered by sunscreen and where it's not. 

After you put on sunscreen, look through Sunscreenr and you’ll see dark areas that are covered with sunscreen. If you see light areas, then those areas are not covered and you need to apply more sunscreen. The Sunscreenr is a perfect way to make sure you and your family are protected from sun damage.

Yes, traveling can be a pain, but these cool gadgets can make your business trips or vacations much better.